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Crystal Packaging and Blending is the leading specialty chemical and petroleum contract packager and private label manufacturer in the Rocky Mountain Region.  As a privately owned packager, our vision is to be our customers premier supply chain partner.



Crystal Packaging and Blending’s roots were planted by Carey Vincent in 1977 as a way to provide outstanding customer service and blended products to the airline industry.  Crystal Packaging and Blending has grown over the years to expand their products to a range of industries, while maintaining the customer focus of Carey Vincent.  Crystal Packaging and Blending provides a wide variety of customer manufacturing services from blending, filling and packaging to full-service to customer specifications.



Crystal’s Henderson, CO manufacturing facility includes more than 70,000 ft. on 7 acres, located just a few miles from the I-25 and I-70 Interstate highways.   Whether your company serves the Front Range or western US, our facility can efficiently support your operations.


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Our Core Services

Speciality Packaging

Crystal’s Specialty Packaging operations routinely include turn key to toll blending services, from 4 oz. to 2.5 gallon containers, trigger pump sprayers, 2-5 gallon pails, drums and totes. Whether directed sourcing or turnkey, our sales, operations and laboratory teams have you covered.

Toll Blending

With five (5) receiving bays, room for 8 rail cars and over 1m gallons of product storage, we can efficiently turn, hold and deliver large volume orders. Product includes fracking fluid, deicers, glycols and petroleum hydrocarbon lubricants. Please contact us to discuss how a Crystal Packaging partnership can make your operations more efficient.

Windshield Wash

Crystal Packaging offers blending and packaging of one gallon windshield wash bottles through our fully automated production lines, or larger volumes if needed. Our operations are designed to quickly meet the seasonal demand of windshield wash. Whether a drum, tote or a truckload of packaged gallons, Crystal Packaging can readily respond to market conditions to meet your customer’s supply requirements.